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Are you a children's book illustrator or a novel cover designer? This is a great opportunity to advertise your services.

Because this is a brand new category on our website, we are currently offering to list service providers absolutely free for now!

Categories to be Listed:


Cover Designer

Book Formatter

Personal / Virtual Assistant

If you would like us to add a new category, enter it in the comments section of the form.

To Get on our List of Service Providers:

Complete the form below.

We will send you an invoice that you can pay directly from. *No invoice will be sent during our free introductory offer.

We will then put your name, company name and list of services on our site. We will link the listing to your website.

When an author is interested in your services, he or she will contact you directly.

Once the work is done, the author will review your services privately with us by email. The review will not be posted on our site.

A few rules:

If you agree to do work for an author, then do it, and do it well.

We suggest that you have the author sign a contract, so that all terms are spelled out, to avoid misunderstandings.

The author will be asked to write an honest review of your services once the work is done.

We reserve the right to not list any service provider and to take down a listing at anytime for any reason.

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